What Our Clients and Other Professionals Are Saying

We Have a Reputation for Providing Prompt Service to Help Exchangers with Urgent Needs.

“I am confident in recommending Marin County Exchange without reservation. I have participated in many transactions with Marin County Exchange as a broker and as a principal investor. They provide superior, trustworthy service and advice at reasonable fees. Escrow officers heave a sigh of relief when told that Marin County Exchange will be the exchange accommodator because they know that the transaction will be handled promptly, efficiently, and professionally.”

J. Patrick Burke

“David has saved us thousands upon thousands of dollars by doing exchanges. Some had to happen in the 11th hour, but he still pulled them off.” 

Gerry O'Connor, Property owner/investor, Sun Valley, Idaho

We Know Where Problems May Arise — and How to Structure an Effective Solution When They Do.

“David's being both an attorney and a CPA makes a difference. Some of the exchanges he did for us were very complicated, and he did an excellent job of structuring them — and giving us advice on how best to proceed.” 

Michael Woods, Attorney, Sonoma, California

We Work Closely with Exchangers' Attorneys, CPAs, Financial Advisors, Realtors, and Other Professionals to Make Sure the Exchange Meets the Clients' Requirements and the Technical Requirements of the IRS.

“David has facilitated 40 to 50 transactions for us. He is very knowledgeable and can always give us a quick answer as to whether we can do it or not. Doing an exchange is like second nature now. We never have to worry about it.” 

Mike Patel, President, Redwood Hospitality