Services Provided by Marin County Exchange Corporation

As a Professional Qualified Intermediary, we offer:

  • Confer with potential Exchangers and their tax and legal advisers regarding availability and structuring of an exchange.

  • Prepare the Exchange Agreement, escrow instructions, and related documents.

  • Confer with Exchangers and their tax and legal advisers to review the exchange documentation.

  • Work with the title or escrow company to facilitate the exchange.

  • Hold and invest any funds that must be held as part of the transaction. Interest earned on the funds is paid to the Exchanger after the transaction is completed.

  • Prepare necessary tax reporting documents for the interest earned on the funds we hold.


Delayed, Deferred, or "Starker" Exchanges

Where the relinquished property is transferred prior to the time the replacement property is received. This requires use of a third party to sell and buy the properties involved, and to hold the proceeds from the sale of the relinquished property.

Reverse Exchanges

Where the replacement property is acquired by a third party for the exchanger prior to the time a sale has been arranged for the relinquished property. At some point in the transaction, the replacement property is simultaneously exchanged for the relinquished property that is then sold.

Simultaneous Exchanges

Where the relinquished property is transferred at the same time as the replacement property is received. With the exception of a direct trade between two property holders, a third party is needed in the transaction to facilitate the acquisition or sale of one of the properties and then to complete the exchange.


When to Consider Our Services:

  • You or your tax or legal advisers need assistance in structuring an exchange — We are glad to offer our expertise to consult when needed.

  • You need a qualified intermediary to assist in an exchange--We offer our service and expertise to provide the exchange services you need in a timely manner for property located anywhere in the world.

  • You discover right before close of escrow that you need to convert a simultaneous exchange into a delayed or reverse exchange--We have a reputation for providing fast service to help Exchangers with urgent needs.



David Hellman, President and sole owner of Marin County Exchange Corporation, is an attorney who is a Certified Specialist in Taxation Law and in Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization, a member of the California and Connecticut State Bars, and a California Certified Public Accountant. In over forty-five years of practice he has supervised or consulted on over 3,500 exchanges.